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POM Systems and Services is one of the leading UPS Manufacturing Company in INDIA, having 25 years’ experience with reliable and efficient Power Conversion Solutions Provider with latest technology. Our Products are ESS ( Energy Storage Systems) , BESS (  Battery Energy Storage Systems )GRESS ( Grid Renewable Energy Storage Systems) , EV DC Fast Charger, Solar in OFF Grid, Hybrid & ON Grid , UPS Systems in Monolithic, Multiple & Modular  and now we’re proud to be a power partner with Hitachi- Hiral Pvt Ltd.  who is one of the leading Mission Critical applications through power electronics solutions with a global technology leader, to elevate.  This collaboration allows us to leverage Hitachi’s expertise in power electronics, ensuring you receive industry-leading technology and exceptional product performance in every solution with quick delivery.

As Hitachi-Hirel Power Electronics Pvt Ltd. has authorized POM Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd. to quote, negotiate, and finalise orders for Hitachi UPS Systems on PAN India basis & also Hitachi supports and confirms commissioning and warranty support for all authorized sales by POM Systems, adhering to Hitachi’s standards.

Innovative Products

We specializes in offering cutting-edge UPS, Solar Inverters, Energy Storage Systems (Grid Renewable Storage Systems -GRES), EV DC Fast Chargers, Smart Intelligent Data Modular System solutions technology.

Reliable and Rugged

Built a strong reputation for providing reliable and rugged power backup/conditioning/storage solutions.

Service support

Comprehensive support and assistance from product selection to installation and maintenance.

Cost effective

POM Systems & Services Pvt Ltd helps customers to achieve long-term cost savings.


       Energy Storage System

      Micro Data Centre

      UPS System

EV DC Fast Chargers


           Solar Inverters

  Servo Controlled Voltage               Stabilizers


Ultra Isolation Transformers

Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System (ESS) is to store energy as a backup power, which can combine a hybrid solar system with grid, PV, and diesel generator. We offer user side commercial and industrial battery energy storage system for factory, villa, solar farm, island, RTG, and data center.

  • All-in-one Energy Storage System
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • Energy Storage Battery

EV Charging Station

As more people are turning to electric vehicles for travel, charging stations are becoming necessities. Sicon provides charging stations that satisfy CHAdeMo, Type 2 connectors, and others to ensure that property owners can offer a safe place for people to charge their vehicles.

  • DC Fast Charger
  • EV Charger Module
  • Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • AC Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • On-Board Battery Charger
Uninterruptible Power Supply

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS serves as a temporary power source and protection device for electrical equipment in the case of power fluctuations or interruptions. We offer customers a full range of UPS options for computers, servers, data centers, and other vital electrical systems.

  • Facility High Reliability Modular UPS
  • Data Center 3 Phase Modular UPS
  • Small Data Center 3 Phase Modular UPS
  • Three Phase Standalone UPS
  • Micro Data Centers UPS
  • Lithium-ion Battery System for UPS

Why Do We Need Energy Storage System?

  • Battery energy storage system (BESS) is developed due to insufficient energy or great difference in electricity price.
  • SCU provides complete hybrid solar energy storage system solutions with integrated functions including energy storage, peak shaving, short-duration power expansion, and grid power quality management.

Why Do We Need EV Charging Stations?

  • We need more and more charging stations to keep up with the growth of electric vehicle adoption.
  • POM Power provides complete EV charging solutions for all brands of electric vehicles with different charging options.

Why Do We Need UPS?

  • Electricity interruptions can produce serious complications if vital systems go down even if it is only momentarily. For example, a power outage in a data center full of servers hosting services like email systems, can result in huge economic losses as it can bring businesses to a standstill.
  • According to research, UPS systems save billions of dollars in lost data and productivity caused by electricity interruptions.

about us

25 years of experience

From the last 25 Years, POM Systems & Services Pvt Ltd has been a leading provider of reliable and efficient power backup solutions for residential and commercial customers. We have built a strong reputation for our commitment to quality, technical expertise, and exceptional customer service.

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