Rack Mount UPS (Li-ion Batt)

Rack-mounted UPS power supply, also called rack mount uninterruptible power supply, has small size, large capacity and high efficiency that can meet the needs of high power density!

DSP series (1-80KVA)

Why choose POM Power rack mountable UPS?

POM Power series rack-mounted UPS power supply and lithium-ion battery combined has below great features.

Lithium-ion battery access

Bi-directional active equalization BMS control; Perfect battery charge and discharge management strategy; Parallel battery pack to extend backup time;

Good performance

ECO mode, efficiency 99%; 19 inch rack mount UPS design; Isolation of cold and hot air duct, stepless speed control;


The rack-mounted UPS power supply has LCD display, which provides easy-to-read status; EPO remote emergency power off interface; Built-in parallel kit, only parallel line is needed to achieve 1+1 parallel

12-36kva Rack-mount UPS with 6KVA Power Module

ERMS-12 Max. power: 12KVA Power module: 6KVA 480*600*132mm(W*D*H)mm

Max. capacity: 10AH
Size: 483*650*88 (W*D*H)(mm)


Max. power:24KVA
Power module: 6KVA

ERMS-36 Max. power: 36KVA Power module: 6KVA 480*600*310mm(W*D*H)mm


12-36kva Rack-Mount UPS Specifications

Model / capacityERMS-12(12kVA); ERMS-24(24kVA);ERMS-36(36kVA)
Power moduleModel / capacityERM-06(6kVA/6kW)
Mains inputInput mode1Ph+N+PE1Ph+N+PE、3Ph+N+PE
Rated input voltage220V/230V/240V220V/230V/240V 、380V/400V/415V
Input frequency50Hz±10%、60Hz±10%
Input PF≥0.99
DC inputRated input voltage±120V DC、±240V DC
AC outputInput voltage range0.9
Output PF220V/230V/240V220V/230V/240V、380V/400V/415V
Output voltageOperate 10mins with 125% load
EfficiencyModbus、SNMP、dry contact

30-80kva Rack Mount UPS Power Supply Specifications

Mains inputInput mode3Ph+N+PE
Input voltage380V/400V/415V
Input frequency50Hz±10%、60Hz±10%
Input PF0.99
Lithium ion packBattery capacityECM-240B10P4;240V/10AH
Battery number44688
Back up time20 mins15 mins15 mins15 mins10 mins
BMSBidirectional Active Equalization
AC outputOutput voltage380V/400V/415V
Output PF1
OverloadOperate 10mins with 125% load
AC/AC efficiency≥96% at online mode;≥99% at ECO mode;


Max. capacity: 10AH
Size: 483*650*88 (W*D*H)(mm)

Lithium-ion Battery Rack Mount UPS Pack Specifications

Model / CapacityECM-240B10P4;10AH
Max. charging rate @25℃2C
Max. discharging rate @25℃4C
Rated energy (kWh)2.4
Rated voltage240V DC
Communication modeRS485,CAN
BMSAdaptive equalization BMS
cycle life25℃ 0.5C/0.5C EOL80% ≥2000
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