Innovative Lithium Battery System

Innovative Lithium Battery System

POM POWER lithium battery system consists of rack, battery modules, battery management system (BMS), display control system and protection system. 2 level BMS design, hierarchical linkage and multiple monitoring of system status. Relay, fuse, circuit breaker and BMS constitute a comprehensive protection system integrating electrical safety and functional safety.

POM Power  system mainly consists of safe, efficient and long-life lithium iron phosphate cells, which are connected in series to form battery modules, and multiple modules are connected in series to form battery clusters.

The core components of the system can effectively protect the battery from overcharge, overdischarge and over-current. At the same time, the balanced management of the cells can ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the whole system. Power Management System operation data monitoring, operation strategy management, historical data record, system status record, etc.

                  High C – Rate System 

Model : EBC480/40 Model :EBC480/80 
Battery capacity:40AhBattery capacity:80Ah
Rated voltage:480VdcRated voltage:480Vdc
Model :EBC480/120Model : EBC480/160
Battery capacity:120AhBattery capacity:160Ah
Rated voltage:480VdcRated voltage:480Vdc 

                     High Energy System 

Model : EBC480/40                                                                  Model :EBC480/80 
Battery capacity:40Ah Battery capacity:80Ah
Rated voltage:480Vdc Rated voltage:480Vdc
Model :EBC512/100 Model :EBC480/150 
Battery capacity:100AhBattery capacity:150Ah
Rated voltage:512 VdcRated voltage:480 Vdc
Model :EBC460/200 Model :EBC768/100
Battery capacity:200AhBattery capacity:100Ah
Rated voltage:460 VdcRated voltage:768 Vdc
Model :EBC768/150Model:EBC768/200
Battery capacity:150AhBattery capacity:200Ah
Rated voltage:768 VdcRated voltage:768 Vdc
Model :EBC768/280  
Battery capacity:280Ah 
Rated voltage:768Vdc 
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