Data Centre Infrastructure

POM POWER Micro Data Center Infrastructure is an integrated cabinet which contains cooling system, power system, monitoring system and rack system, etc… There are more and more data centers and it has been facing the dilemma that it is difficult to unify the planning, construction and operation management. The integrated cabinet deeply integrates data center infrastructure products. Including multiple subsystems such as UPS, Power Distribution, Refrigeration, Cabinets, Fire Protection and implements overall management of the entire system through the monitoring system.

Cost Effective Compared to enterprise data centers, the operating expenses of micro data centers are much lower. Additionally, the distance between client and server computers reduces the higher power costs associated with transferring computations to centralized data centers.

Great Elasticity Traditional data centers are often at risk of service disruption if priority lines are damaged. Even with network redundancy in place, traditional data centers will struggle to compete with the options of micro data center in the event of a failure. Micro data centers may have dozens of failover strategies.

POM POWER Data Center has flexible infrastructure approach Depending on demand, businesses can choose to scale their data needs up or down. The scalability of a micro data center makes it easy to align with enterprise goals.

POM POWER Data Center and Facility UPS Applications: Date center, Government, Public infrastructures, Army, Aerospace, Communication, Transportation, Broadcast & TV, Finance, HealthCare, Education & Research, Enterprise, Automated production line, etc.

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