Hybrid Solar Inverter

Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • High Performance : Wide Voltage Range
  • MPPT for efficient charging
  • Auto selectable Priority mode (Solar/ Grid Priority mode) for uninterrupted power & savings on Grid power
  • Pure sine wave technology- recommend for better life of Industrial/ Commercial equipment
  • Intelligent battery charging- 3 Stage (Bulk, absorption & float) charging for enhanced battery life
  • Compatible charger to support all type of batteries i.e Flooded Lead acid Li on /Tubular/VRLA/GEL
  • Automatic transfer from grid to solar when battery full & Solar available
  • Optimum thermal management
  • Noiseless inverter operation
  • Sleek & Aesthetic design
  • Works as standalone Solar Inverter in case of no grid
  • LED/LCD Display for showing monitoring & instantaneous system data display
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Remote Monitoring : Monitor your system remotely via smart phone app of web portal ( via RS 232/Modbus/SNMP/GPRS )
  • IP 65 : Engineered to last with maximum flexibility. Suitable for outdoor installation
  • IEC Certified
  • Available Range : Upto 150kVA
  • 10 Year Warranty
Nominal Voltage220/230/240VAC
Voltage Range90-280VAC3V(Inverter Mode) 170-280VAC3V(UPSMode)
Frequency50-60Hz Auto sensing
Rated Output Power11000W
Output Voltage(Ac)220/230]240VAC±5%
Output Frequency50/60Hz±0.1%
WaveformPure sine wave
Transfer time(AC to DC)10ms for Computer Equipment, 20ms for Household Equipment
Peak Power22000VA
Overload Capacity(Battery   Mode)




Peak Efficiency(Battery Model)98%
Norminal Voltage48VDC
constant charging Voltage56.4VDC
Float Charging Voltage54VDC
Pv Charging WayMPPT
Max PV Input Power2*5500W
MPPT Controller Voltage90-500VDC
MAX PV Input Voltage500VDC
MAX Pv Charge Current150A
MAX AC Charge Current60A
MAX Charge Current150A
LCD DisplayAC input Voltage,AC input   frequency,PV Voltage,PV Current,Output Voltage. Output Frequency, Battery   Voltage,Load Current,etc.
Expansion Slot Communication   Interface2x5PIN/Pitch2.54mm,Lithium   battery BMS communication card、WIFl,etc
Parallel InterfaceYes
Operating Temperature0-40°C
Storage Temperature-15~60°C
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